Our mission is to deliver WORLD CLASS VALUE in the maintenance and repair industry by combining QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP, FAIR PRICING, and EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE for our clients in a TIMELY­ manner.

What Does it Mean to be “Blue Chip?”

Blue Chip is a term often heard in poker. It means “of the highest value or quality.” That’s what we seek to provide for our customers when we partner together. Here’s what it means to be “Blue Chip” to us:

Blue Chip is Quality Craftsmanship

We 100% stand behind our work.

Our Blue Chip Guarantee states that while we are committed to staying on site until the job is done correctly, we also will come back out within a full year at no charge if there are any issues. We put a lot of stake in our technicians and our work so when the chips are in, we are fully prepared to put our money where our mouth is.

Blue Chip is Fair Pricing

We are constantly monitoring the rates of maintenance work and supplies so that we can give you an up-to-date quote that covers our costs and fits your budget.

We aren’t the type of company who show up and try to upsell you on more work than you need. We commit to offering fair prices for the work that is needed.

Blue Chip is Exceptional Customer Service

The maintenance world is all about relationships and trust.

It is our goal to make our clients feel confident in our work from the moment they call us. We spend a lot of time improving and training our customer service team so that when you interact with us, you receive the Blue Chip level of service and care.

Blue Chip is Fast Response Time

Your emergency is our emergency.

When you call us in a panic, we dispatch as fast as we can, utilizing the best technology and communication tools to get a technician on their way. We work very hard to give you real-time updates, work within realistic timelines, and update you about any new developments while on the job.

The Blue Chip Story

In 2016, Ani Ganesan and Matthew King saw a way to put their knowledge and passion for developing teams and growing leaders into something concrete. Using their many existing connections in the maintenance industry, they realized that property managers with multiple properties were most frustrated with having to call around to multiple contractors to get large volumes of work done. So they set their mind to becoming a one-stop-shop for property maintenance.

They gathered around a kitchen table with the core founders and decided on what Blue Chip stood for: The Four Pillars. That table sits in the conference room to this day!

As for why the company is so important today it comes back to people. What matters most to us are the clients we are able to service, making an impact in the tenants’ everyday lives, and providing opportunities for growth for our tech and internal team.

We proudly serve the southeastern United States in Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, and South Carolina, bringing high quality maintenance work to over a thousand properties.

Our Four Pillars

The Values that Drive Us


We do things the right way, not the easy way. Our main priority is to provide client and resident satisfaction. Our technicians’ focus is to do great work, not to upsell or meet a quota.


We take pride in our work and our goal is to meet the Blue Chip standard the first and every time. Our work is guaranteed!


Our mantra is CANI, which means Constant and Never-Ending Improvement. We never stop improving ourselves and welcome constructive feedback.


Something we say all the time: Bring the Fire! We love what we do and it matters that our work is done with excellence.

Meet the Aces that Make Blue Chip Maintenance a Tough Hand to Beat

The leadership team at Blue Chip are some of the best people in the business.

Years of experience span their resumes which means you can trust they will take great care of you.

Whether you work with us as a property manager or as a professional technician, you’ll love this group of passionate and knowledgeable people.

The Blue Chip Service Guarantee

If there are any issues related to our service within a full year (365 days) we will come back out ASAP at no charge to you and resolve the issue at hand.

*All our work is warrantied.

The Blue Chip Service Guarantee

If there are any issues related to our service within a full year (365 days) we will come back out ASAP at no charge to you and resolve the issue at hand.

*All our work is warrantied.

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