Professionally Licensed Technicians are on the Way

When one of your tenants has a maintenance need, one call to Blue Chip can fix a host of issues. No more calling around, getting quotes, and waiting weeks to get someone out to do the work. We’ll get there fast and get it done right the first time.

Blue Chip Maintenance is your one point of contact to handle just about every maintenance issue your property could face.

Large or small, we’re ready to help with whatever hand you’ve been dealt

We offer custom residential maintenance plans that fit your budget and needs – from preventative maintenance to emergencies. The professional technicians at Blue Chip will help get those persistent pain-in-the-neck jobs off your plate.

Fast Response Time and High Quality Work

Save Time and Money Instead of Searching for Reliable Contractors

Maximize Your Appeal to Customers With a Well-kept Property

Residential Maintenance Services

From plumbing to garage doors to power washing, our team of technicians are ready and able to keep your residential properties looking amazing and your tenants happy.

Put together a residential maintenance plan that saves you time, money, and energy


Ready to hand your residential maintenance headaches off to a capable partner?