Double Down on a Good Bet

We work hard to ensure that our technicians love working with us. Get full-time work without the hassle of running your own business or headhunting new leads.

Great pay, solid benefits, and plenty of work to go around.

Why maintenance professionals love working with Blue Chip

Admin managed schedule

Full admin support to manage jobs and supplies.

Get paid

Like clockwork.


A higher-than-average pay rate plus bonuses based on work, not upselling.


Choose to drive a company vehicle or receive a monthly allowance for use of a personal work truck.

and 401k

Our W2 employees receive health insurance benefits, 401k matching, and paid time off.

Join our 5-Star Technician Team

Fill out the application and we will contact you quickly to learn more about you and your goals.

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Now hiring experienced technicians in these areas:

Plumbing • Garage Door Repair • Water Extraction/Remediation • Roofing Repair • Appliance Repair • Backflow Testing • Blinds • Cabinetry • Decks • Fencing • Framing • Carpet Cleaning • General Cleaning Services • Power Washing • Trash Removal • Door Repair/Installation • Fireplaces • Handyman Services • Lawn Care/Repair • Tree Removal • Drywall • Painting • Siding • Stucco • Carpentry • General Property Maintenance

What other full-time technicians say about working with us


Our Four Pillars

The Values that Drive Us


We do things the right way, not the easy way. Our main priority is to provide client and resident satisfaction. Our technicians’ focus is to do great work, not to upsell or meet a quota.


We take pride in our work and our goal is to meet the Blue Chip standard the first and every time. Our work is guaranteed!


Our mantra is CANI, which means Constant and Never-Ending Improvement. We never stop improving ourselves and welcome constructive feedback.


Something we say all the time: Bring the Fire! We love what we do and it matters that our work is done with excellence.

We Take Care of Our Team

Whatever level your skill, we are invested in our technicians improving and growing. It’s our tell for being a fast-growing company with a reputation for caring about its employees.

Full-Time Benefits Include:

  • Unlimited PTO + paid holidays

  • Insurance plans + life + 401k options

  • Flexible schedule

  • Work with other master tradesmen and improve your skill set

Apply for Full-Time Work


    Our technicians make 10% more than the average independent contractor and we pay salary commensurate with your experience and certifications.

    When you work for us on a contractual basis, that means you only get a few jobs per day from us. You can set the frequency you want to work. We only ask that when a job is sent your way, you get to it as soon as possible. If you are full-time, then expect a steady stream of work and communication each day as our dispatch team works with you during service hours.

    Just click the Apply Now button on this page and fill out the form. We will set up a time to talk about your qualifications, availability, and determine employment. Certifications and licenses are dependant on what type of work you specialize in.

    Yes! We offer health insurance, life insurance supplements, 401k, paid holidays, 3 weeks PTO, and much more!

    Most of our full-time technicians work 35-40 hours a week, but we will work with you to find a schedule that works for you.

    Work is assigned by our dispatch team daily via our mobile app or phone call. Full time technicians do not need to submit invoices and are paid as a W2 worker with salary and benefits. Just show up, complete work, and earn bonuses for jobs well done.

    Become a Full-Time Blue Chip Technician Today